Dynamic Dataset


ASEAN Country Statistics

The ASEAN region is made up of ten Southeast Asian countries, each with its own unique population, economy, and natural resources. A dataset that includes data on population, macroeconomy, and oil and petroleum products in ASEAN countries can provide valuable insights into the region's economic and social dynamics.


Global New and Renewable Energy Production

Global new and renewable energy production refers to the energy generated from sources that are naturally replenishing and do not emit harmful greenhouse gases. These sources include solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass energy. This dataset is referring from IRENA New and Renewable Energy Statistic and it is contain world wide data about new and renewable energy.


Indonesia's Electricity Statistics

Indonesia, a diverse archipelago nation, has been dynamically shaping its electricity landscape. Historically reliant on fossil fuels, particularly coal, for power generation, recent initiatives aim to enhance sustainability.


Indonesia's Energy and Economy Indicators

Indonesia's Energy and Economy Indicators provide a compelling insight into the interplay between the nation's energy sector and its economic performance. The indicators encompass a diverse range of factors that shape Indonesia's development trajectory, underscored by its vast energy resources and growing economic potential.


Indonesia's Energy Demand by Sector

Energy demand by sector refers to the distribution of energy consumption across various segments of society, including residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation sectors. Understanding this breakdown is crucial for efficient energy planning and sustainability initiatives, as it helps identify where and how energy resources are utilized.

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