Regional Energy General Plan (RUED)

Regional Energy General Plan (RUED)

Establish RUED regional regulations Register to the Ministry of Home Affairs (Processing) Regional Legislation Process with DPRD Local Government Regulation Bill
Central Java West Kalimantan Banten North Sulawesi
West Java   North Sumatra Papua
West Nusa Tenggara   Riau West Papua
North Kalimantan   Riau Islands  
East Java   Central Kalimantan  
Lampung   South Sulawesi  
Bengkulu   North Maluku  
Central Sulawesi   Jakarta  
Gorontalo   Maluku  
East Nusa Tenggara      
East Kalimantan      
Bangka–Belitung Islands      
West Sumatra      
South Kalimantan      
South Sumatra      
West Sulawesi      
Southeast Sulawesi      

The Regional Energy Plan or RUED is a policy of the Provincial Government regarding the provincial level energy management plan which is the elaboration and implementation plan of the National Energy Plan (RUEN) which is cross-sectoral to achieve the RUEN target.

RUED has a legal basis for its preparation. The following is the basis for the preparation of the RUED:

Source : National Energy Council Republic of Indonesia (DEN)

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